Public Art Commissions

Dora-De-Larios-Koi-Goddess-2-Bon-Adventure Dora De Larios - Homage to Quetzacoatl - 1992arch_com_04 Life Forcearch_com_05

Four Seasons Hotel Lanai

Four Bas Reliefs:

Hawaiian Fishermen 3 ft. H x 15 ft. W
Hawaiian Canoe Rowers 3 ft. H x 15 ft. W
Hawaiian Dancers 3 ft. H x 15 ft. W
Hawaiian Ocean 3 ft. H x 15 ft. W

Two Sculptures:
Seated Women 36” H x 24” W glazed stoneware

Montage Resort and Spa, Laguna Beach, California
7’H x 40″W Porcelain Mural.

Maui Marriott Resort & Ocean Club, Maui, Hawaii
Three entrance sculptures 5’H x 2’W.

Institute Inc., Cary, North Carolina SAS
45″ x 45″ routed and illuminated plexiglas / stainless steel.

Luxury Collection Hotel, Houston, Texas
5′-6′ circle of porcelain/textured and glazed. 24karat gold leaf band at center of circle.

Westin Bonaventure Hotel, Los Angeles, California
Two Goddess Sculptures 5′-6″H x 3′-6″W. Multimedia.

City of Culver City, Carlson Park, Culver City, California
11’H x 3′-4″W in triangular form. Brass forms depicting “Tree of Life”.

Embassy Suites, Scottsdale, Arizona
Clay sculptures of life size rabbits, snakes, lizards and turtles.

St. Joseph Hospital, City of Orange, California
5’H x 12’W – Donor Wall of individually carved stoneware tile expressing positive forces in nature and faith.

Trammell Crow Company, Santa Fe Springs, California
10’H x 6’W – Triangular sculpture. Cast cement, gold, multi-colored stoneware, stainless steel.

City of Pasadena, Villa Parke Community Center, California
36’H x 20’W Monolith, Cement forms sheathed with brass.

Grand Wailea Resort, Maui, Hawaii
Two 4’H x 6’W porcelain panels

Famco Investment, Chinatown, Los Angeles, California
9′-9″H x 21’W Brass Gateway.

Alan Sieroty building on Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, California
8’H x 12’W porcelain tile.

Lawry’s California Center, Los Angeles, California
7′-6″H x 5′-6″W Stoneware mural.

Huntley Hotel, Santa Monica, California
7′-6″H x 15′-6″W porcelain and lacquered, gold leaf wood sections.

Hilton Hotel, Anaheim, California
7’H x 40’W – Porcelain Mural with gold leaf wood sections.

Nissan Motors Purchase of sculpture and given to the City of Carson, California
11’H x 20’W Stainless steel and routed illuminated plexiglas.

Progressive Savings and Loan, Beverly Hills, California
24’W x 3′ outerface and 2′ interface Stainless steel Arch.

Long Beach Community Hospital, Long Beach, California
2 Donor Murals 5’H x 20’W. Theme: Life.

Makaha Inn Resort, Oahu, Hawaii
Stoneware Mural, 5’H x 20’W – Design of the tile was based on ancient Hawaiian themes. Two Porcelain panels 3’H x 6’W.

Central Park Development, Nagoya, Japan
6’H x 26’H – Portland cement mural. Official gift to Nagoya, Japan, from Los Angeles.

Hawaiian Gardens Civic Center, Hawaiian Gardens, California
10’H x 30’W dry wall mural in the council chambers.
7′-6″H x 9′-6″W stoneware mural in the lobby.

Rowland Heights County Library, Rowland Heights, California
10″ x 30’W – Dry wall mural

Security Pacific Bank, Pomona, California
8’H x 10’W Portland Cement Panels

Camarillo City Hall, Camarillo, California
3’H x 6’W – Two ceramic wall plaques

Norwood County Library, El Monte, California
14’H x 16’W – Ceramic tile mural.

Lynwood County Library, Lynwood, California
2’H x 164’W – Ceramic tile mural.

Tetiaroa, Tahiti, French Polynesia
4’H x 6’W – 6 Cement Panels.

Kona Surf Resort Hotel, Kona Coast, Hawaii
7’H x 24″W Ceramic Mural
7’H x 12’W Koa and Bronze Wall Sculpture
9’H x 3’W Free-standing Cement Sculpture
1500 Ceramic Plaques, each 12 sq.”/3 plaques per room

Disney World, Orlando, Florida
90’H x 36’W 0 6 Ceramic Murals
18,000 feet of ceramic tile was used to produce the 6 murals. I was the lead artist in charge of design with a crew of 20 people.

Scientific Surgical Corporation, Century City, California
10’H x 26’W Ceramic tile.

International Pipe and Ceramic Corporation, Percypany, New Jersey
35’H x 36’W Ceramic Mural.